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Our Services


-Design of heating, cooling, exhaust, and ventilation systems (HVAC).

-HVAC heat gain and heat loss calculations.

-Home energy modeling and simulation.

-Ventilation air calculations.

-Design of air duct systems.

-Boiler, hot water heating.

-Radiant floor warming and snow melt systems.

-Geothermal heating and cooling systems.

-Heating/cooling equipment selection.

-Home automation system design.

-Plumbing and drainage piping layout and design

-CAD drafting & design services.

High-Efficiency Heating & Cooling source Energystar
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Custom Homes / Renovations / Additions

We are an excellent choice as we focus on your individual needs and the specific building layout.


We are fully incensed under Ontario Building Code. 

Why choose us?

We can design a comfortable & energy efficient mechanical system that offers peak efficiency.

Excellent air quality & consistent temperatures throughout the building

Reduced energy bills and carbon footprint

Increased home resale value

Upfront energy and functionality design supports

Disciplined decision making through upfront consultation

Independent quality assurance assessments

We can help you blend functionality and comfort with cleaner incorporation of mechanical systems in the overall house design without giving up the integrity of the architectural design.

Better designed plans to support transition to construction phase

Less design changes impacting aesthetic objectives

Increased efficiencies from integration of energy and functionality components