Welcome to S & I Ideas Inc (HVAC and Plumbing permit)

S & I Ideas Inc, a mechanical design studio, provides HVAC and plumbing design services with affordable rates. We are specialized in residential HVAC design; help you to obtain the building permit. We are a smart, lean and highly capable creative company that is looking for a few more long term business relationships. We also offer consulting services, construction administration service, HVAC and Plumbing system inspection. We provide fast and professional service for building owners, architects, engineers, builders, contractors. We have 8 years in business in GTA and can help you to help you to obtain the building permit. With our experience in the industry you can be confident that our team will deliver your desired outcome on time and on budget. For further information check our core services listed below or contact us on 416-5741682.

Our Services

  • HVAC building permit / construction design
  • Plumbing building permit / construction design
  • Fire Protection permit / construction design
  • Energy Modeling, EE4,eQuest,CAN-Quest